• 12th October
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In case none of you noticed, this blog started being active in the fall of 2010.

I’d been told that if I didn’t want to be stalked, or cyberstalked, I shouldn’t stay on the internet. By police officers, and in court even…and after months of hiding, I got pissed off. This blog is partially here as a giant ‘fuck you’ to the person I had been hiding from. Because honestly, I got tired of having to hide. 

Stalking & cyberstalking fucks up your life in ways you can’t even imagine. And I’m here partially because the one thing that person wanted was for me to be silent & to have to ‘hide’ & be cut off from everyone and everything. Some days I wonder wtf I was thinking, but 2 years later I’m still here, & I refuse to spend the rest of my life hiding.

When I grow up, I wanna be a badass like Carla Franklin. She’s a survivor that dealt with an entire system fighting against her, & she still kept going. Carla Franklin, you’re a BAMF.

  1. supersandys-space said: HOLY SHIT, my blog is my FUCK YOU, too!! Death to stalkers/cyberstalkers!! And love to you forever and always. <3 Let’s keep Surviving together, okay?
  2. whatleighdid said: Wow! When I fist followed you it was cos of lupus & you being a badass. But now I’ve been through something similar I realise how you are stronger than I ever saw & I love you all the more <333
  3. radarnell said: So proud of you girl! The hardest thing for me has been how to be there for someone going through this. Not knowing ‘am I pushing too much?’ or ‘should I just look away and let her cope?’. It’s been a learning experience.
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