• 16th December
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May I say something real quick?

TRIGGER WARNING-Talk of suicide & suicidal ideation. 

Since there are now apparently quite a few people that are wondering how ‘crazy’ people that snap & do very, very violent things are allowed to walk around among the rest of society, there is a reason why. Mental healthcare in this country sucks. SUCKS. 

In emergency rooms & crisis centers all over the country, people that are KNOWN to be either suicidal or completely psychotic are sent home. Some are told to come back ‘once they do something’. You can sit there & beg them to please keep you because you know it is not safe for you to be out in the world at that moment, & they’ll send you packing with what equates to a pat on the head. This is especially true for people without health insurance.

If you leave the ER, go to the parking lot, down a few bottles of pills & then walk back inside to tell them that you have overdosed, the people that not half an hour ago sent you away because you weren’t ‘sick’ enough for them to think they should keep you suddenly decide that you may just be serious about wanting to die.

This country does things for people in mental health crisis in a reactionary manner. We’re doing it backwards. Our jails are full of mentally ill people that are there because there is nowhere else to put them. There aren’t ‘enough beds’ in most psych wards in this country. There are counties that don’t even have a psych ward, so being committed requires travel of an hour or more. Psychotropic drugs are very, very expensive, & sometimes the only way you can get those drugs is on a ward/in the ER. Something that should be simple-going to see a psychologist-take 1974631 hoops to jump through before you can see one.

Gathering up the bravery to ask for help in times of mental health crisis is very, very difficult, & when you’re told to come back once you’ve actually attempted suicide or become actively homicidal, it kinda defeats the purpose of reaching out for medical mental healthcare help in the first place. 


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    my father’s ex threatened to get a gun and shoot him. we couldn’t get a restraining order, have her arrested, evicted,...
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    And Mitt Romney thinks that if poor people need healthcare, they can just go to the ER.
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    It’s when I read heartbreaking anecdotes like this that I’m thankful for the healthcare available here in Ireland. It’s...
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