• 23rd April
  • 23

I don’t know why this just popped in my head, but whatever…

So I was *not* cute & *not* ‘cool’ growing up. Like on a major level. I was awkward as fuck. I even had a guy cancel a date less than an hour before he was supposed to come pick me up because he wanted to go kill some deer instead.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a note in one of my yearbooks that says 'sorry I picked killing a deer over going on a date with you'


Don’t ask why I’m sharing this with the internet, because I have no idea why I’m doing so…

  1. brainstatic said: For a second I thought “maybe I’ll be hot when I’m grown up too!” And then I realized we’re the same age.
  2. randyc09 said: That guy is probably working at a 7-11 right now. He was an idiot to choose deer hunting over a date with you.
  3. connoralaska said: post a picture of high school you!
  4. darkmoonmaiden said: my ex-girlfriend did stuff like that to me a lot >.<
  5. radarnell said: It’s ok…I was the same way. Even had girls laughing at me when I would ask them out. Wait………they still do that. #fail
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